About Karen

I’m Karen, an Adelaide based natural light photographer. I photograph newborn babies, little children, and families (and a handful of weddings each season, too) – and I love it. 

My biggest joy in life is my kids – two beautiful boys and a dear little girl. As cliched as it sounds, they have taught me so much about life, every single day. They are pure sunshine on legs, and it’s an absolute pleasure to be their Mum. They’ve taught me to smile and laugh (the belly laugh kind), even when life has handed a few lemons. They’ve taught me to be brave, they’ve taught me to be happy and to live BIG.

I also find joy in Christmas; my village (my amazing family and friends); gin; chocolate; glitter; unicorns; rain on a tin roof; and shoes (not heels, just the comfy ones LOL). Not neccessarily in that order!

I look forward to meeting with you, and capturing your own Joy.

Karen x

Gorgeous photo of my little beauties and I at the snow, taken by Kim Selby Photography (thank you Kim!).

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